Sarah Brightman – Diva The Video Collection (2006)



For years, Sarah’s fans have been clamoring for a collected release of her music videos. With Diva: The Video Collection, the majority of Sarah’s videos are finally in one place, on one DVD! Diva covers Sarah’s “illustrious 25-year musical career, from her start in the British dance group Hot Gossip, to her collaborations with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber on the sensational Phantom of the Opera, to her innovative mixing of opera with pop music” on “A Question of Honour” to “Time to Say Goodbye,” her international smash hit duet with Andrea Bocelli.”

01: Pie Jesu
02: Phantom of the Opera
03: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
04: Amigos Para Siempre
05: Captain Nemo
06: A Question of Honour
07: How Can Heaven Love Me
08: Time to Say Goodbye
09: Just Show Me How to Love You
10: Eden
11: Who Wants to Live Forever
12: Deliver Me
13: Anytime, Anywhere
14: Nella Fantasia
15: Whiter Shade of Pale
16: Ave Maria
17: Kama Sutra
18: Harem
19: Free
20: Starship Troopers
21: Music of the Night (from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 50th birthday celebration)